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Whether you keep it high and tight or like it long, having the right shampoo and conditioner in the shower is a staple of any solid men's hair care routine. Luckily for you, Above the Collar is home to some of the best shampoo for men in Australia, so you can keep your lid looking and feeling fresh and healthy no matter what type of hair – or style – you're rocking.

Sick of the flaky frustration that comes with that little white stuff dusting your shoulders? Anti-dandruff shampoo from trusted brands such as American Crew, Watermans, Depot, and American Barber go far beyond standard hair cleaning, helping limit the buildup of tiny dead skin bits on your scalp and better regulating your body's natural oil production. Choose from some of the best dandruff shampoos and tell dandruff to get stuffed.

If you are seeing and feeling that oily look atop your head, consider purchasing an oily hair shampoo. Shampoo for oily hair can help pump the brakes and balance your hair and scalp. They clear away any excess oils without completely stripping the natural oils that protect your hair. Check out options from Nak, Lumin, MOP and more.

And if you feel like things are getting a bit light up top, you can even find hair loss shampoo that can help reduce some effects of hair loss. Try hair thickening shampoos from brands like Patricks and American Barber that can give your hair a healthier look by pumping it up to cover any sneaky gaps.

Shape up your shampoo game with the help of Above the Collar. Check out our huge range of options, from everyday shampoos to products that can target your most pressing haircare concerns, today.

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