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Whether you’re looking to make an impression with a new signature scent, surprising a loved one with our fragrance gift sets, or looking to create some ambience at home with a great selection of scented candles — Above the Collar has you covered.

Not sure where to start? With a smell and strength to suit any occasion, selecting a new fragrance can be a task in itself. If you’re stuck on what’s the best men's fragrance for you, check out our helpful guide on choosing a fragrance. It’s the perfect starting point in discovering what’s important to your personal scent.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement or just after a new everyday fragrance, our extensive range of men's colognes offers a unique solution to help elevate your personal style. Featuring well-known brands like Creed, Tom Ford, Dior, Acqua Di Parma and more, we carry some of the most popular men's cologne and perfume on the market.

With some of the top men’s colognes out there, we’ve got everything from subtle and refreshing eau de parfums, to intense and woody eau de colognes. With each fragrance containing a unique blend like no other, there’s something for everyone.

With some of the most popular men’s aftershaves available, leave your skin feeling restored and refreshed after every shave when using one of our hydrating men’s aftershave products. Offering a two-in-one solution for both your daily fragrance as well as a skin-loving solution — check out our range today.

With endless options and a selection of the best men's perfumes on offer, shop our range to discover the next holy grail scent in your daily routine. Still not sure what to choose? Why not get a men’s fragrance gift set? They’re a great gift for your partner, friend, dad, brother, or even for yourself!

If revamping the aroma of your home to give it a more masculine edge is on the cards, our range of scented candles from Glasshouse Fragrances and Koch & Co are perfect for doing just that and more. With long-lasting scents and stylish jar designs, we’ve got options to complement the aesthetic of any home. 

If you want to take creating a comforting atmosphere to the next level, why not introduce the benefits of aromatherapy to your space with our range of essential oil blends and diffusers. With a unique blend that’s targeted to support all aspects of your well-being — experience the clarity and power of refreshing, clean, great-smelling air.
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