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Keep your hair looking and feeling its best with our range of top quality men’s hair products. From staple hair care essentials, to deep cleansing shampoos and conditioners, to everyday hair styling products — Above the Collar has endless options to help promote healthy hair and keep you looking fresh.

Every solid hair care regimen starts with a good quality shampoo. Fight off flakes on your shirt with our anti-dandruff shampoos, enhance hair growth with our volumising and thickening shampoos, or wash away excess oil build-up with our deep cleansing shampoo formulas. Perfect for restoring the balance of your hair and scalp, find a shampoo that works best for you.

Add an extra layer of protection to your hair routine with one of our revitalising men’s conditioners. The ultimate addition to your hair routine post-shampoo, give your hair the chance to shine from the inside out. Working to restore, strengthen and protect, find a formula that’s best suited to your hair type and notice the difference.

If you’ve got the hair care aspect under control and are looking to take your styling skills to the next level, our range of men’s hairstyling products has got you covered. With moulding clays and pomades from big brands like American Crew and Layrite, we have everything you need to achieve the long-lasting look you desire. 

Whether you’re after medium hold and low shine or want to lay it on a little thicker, we have some of the best hair wax and pomade for men products in the hairstyling game. Manipulate and tame your hair to create a look that’s customised to your personal style. 

With hair styling sprays that provide a buildable texture and sea salt mists that create a beachy look, when it comes to hair spray for men, knowing the finish and hold you’re after is key. Experiment with different styles and discover a product that works best for you. 


After a new gel? Our range of hair gels for men achieves diverse styles from firm holding to lightweight formulas that offer the perfect amount of control. With products designed to work for all hair types, redefine your style with a hair gel from our range.

No hair care regimen is complete without the right tools. From our detangler hair brushes to our styling combs you can take on the go, maintain your look all day long with our range of men’s combs and brushes

When it comes to men’s grooming products, we know a thing or two. Achieving clean lines and effortless fades, we have a range of award-winning clippers and trimers that are designed to tackle all hair textures and deliver ultimate precision for every grooming session. 

Whether you’re just starting out on your hair care journey or looking to introduce some new steps in your regimen, hair care is a self-care investment you won’t look back on. With products from some of the biggest brands in Australia including Nioxin, Depot, Hanz de Fuko and more — Above the Collar is every man’s one-stop-shop for all things hair.
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