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There’s no worse way to set your day off on the wrong foot than hair that doesn’t cooperate and do what you want. Half the problem, as far as we can tell, tends to come from many blokes just not understanding the right tools for the job. There’s only so much you can do with a bit of water and your fingertips gentlemen!

Avoid frustration in the morning (or as you’re heading out the door on a date or boy’s night) with our range of hairdryers, hair straighteners, hair clippers, and other hair styling tools. These powerhouses are guaranteed to help you get the job done right. Whether you’re after a quick dry before heading out the door or want to achieve salon-worthy results at home, we have some of the best hair dryers for men on the market. 

We’ve got hairdryers to match every budget. From wallet-friendly travel options, up to full-on salon-quality hairdryers from Twin Turbo and Parlux — we’ve got a hairdryer for every need and want. With sleek designs and innovative technology, our hair dryers are reliable, durable and deliver exceptional results.

For those mornings when you’ve got the time to get it right and get out the door looking your best, our range of hair straighteners for men will have your back. From entry-level up to salon-quality, our selection of men’s hair straighteners helps you achieve a polished look in no time at all. 

Men, it’s time we talked about having a trim. No, not your beard. No, not your chest either. Look, let’s stop beating around the bush — it’s time to trim your balls. Trust us, your partner will appreciate it (and it’s true, a shorter bush makes the tree look taller). We’ve got plenty of dedicated options to keep cuts and knicks to an absolute minimum from experts in the ball-trimming game, Meridian.

Smooth as a baby and still looking for stray hairs to trim? Well, we’ve got a few ideas off the top of our heads. That is, get ‘em off the top of your head. Our range of hair clippers for men are designed for professional quality results. We’ve got options from great brands like Silver Bullet, Andis, Panasonic and BabylissPro to suit your needs.

Oh, and yeah look maybe you were right earlier. You should probably trim your chest hair too. Not all of us can pull off the hairy Sean Connery James Bond look and there’s no shame in it. You don’t need a license to kill to have a deadly body fellas.

Is your nose hair getting out of control? You’re not alone. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our selection of nose hair trimmers. With a range of battery operated cordless options available from trusted brands like Meridian and Silver Bullet, we’ve got a nose trimmer that’ll get the job done quickly, easily and (relatively) painlessly.

Whether you’re after a new hair dryer, hair straightener, hair clipper, or just some styling tools to change up your look — our range of hair care appliances and tools for men have got you covered.

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