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What Women Think About Your Grooming - Survey

Ever wondered what women think about the way we present ourselves? Yeah, so have I. 

There's nothing wrong with optimizing the way we groom to attract more of the other sex. But before you reach for your men's hair clippers and hair wax and go about your normal routine, just wait, because we surveyed over 150 Females about the way men groom, and this was their response. 



When it comes to hair, there is no doubt different haircuts would suit different foe, but nonetheless, that wasn't going to stop us from asking the questions.

First off: Short Vs Long Hair? 

Secondly: Straight Or Curly? 


The Extrapolation: As stated before, I really think this one comes down to what suits your head shape better, but it does seem like females are more inclined to the classic short, straight-haired man.  


Facial Hair

For facial hair, we asked women their preference, giving them the choice of three options. 

Key Comments: 

  • Clean Shaven: "I think beards look a bit dirty, clean-shaven looks better on guys with good faces, it's more polished and presentable."


  • Stubble: "Stubble is masculine, its manly but not overpowering and doesn't look dirty. Clean-shaven looks too baby faced."


  •  Full Beard: "I just feel like having a beard changes the face so much. Makes a man look mature, smart and sophisticated, but it has to be well maintained."


The Extrapolation: Stubble looks like it's the perfect middle ground for facial hair. Anything more you run the risk of looking "Untidy" and anything less you run the risk of looking like a babyface.


Chest Hair

Next, we asked women about our chest lettuce. Again asking them for their preference out of three options.  

Key Comments: 

  • Clean Shaven: "I don’t mind hair but on the chest is a no. If the body is nice and ripped, why hide it behind a bush"


  • Medium: "Long chest hair is gross and appears unhygienic, trimmed however allows for a combination of masculinity and cleanliness."


The Extrapolation: Men with heavy chest hair, it might be time to start reaching for the razor.


Leg Hair

Leg hair? Do girls really care? 

 Key Comments: 

  • Attractive: "Love, when a boy has shaved legs, makes their legs look much nicer"


  • Unattractive: "Looks unnatural and I just prefer when guys don’t fixate on their looks so much."


  •  No Preference: "I am not fussed at all about leg hair. I personally think if they have hair on their legs that it is normal, but some people shave it off and I think it looks good too"


The Extrapolation: While some girls find it attractive, others think it comes across as feminine, while the majority don't seem to care, as long as the hair is not "too out of control"


Nail Care

We asked females what they thought about men who manicure.

Key Comments: 

  • Attractive: "It's nice to see they put effort into their appearance. They're attractive because they show initiative in self-care activities which is so important"


  • Unattractive: "Don’t like dirt under the nails, but if they take care too much I don’t like that either, i wouldn't want to see them in a nail salon"


  •  No Preference: "It seems a bit feminine in theory, but visually if a guy has gross, bitten down fingers it is a bit ew"


Extrapolation:  While only a few said it's unattractive with the stigma of being too feminine, a large portion finds it attractive, with the general consensus being as long as your nails are clean and clipped then they're up to standard. 


Eye Brows

The most split answer within the poll came from our eyebrow question. Is a man who does their eyebrows attractive? 

 Key Comments: 

  • Attractive: "A clean up of the eyebrows allows a man to show that they take care of themselves. I can’t say I love a full shape and all that, but a clean ups attractive"


  • Unattractive: "If it is noticeable that a male does his eyebrows that is extremely unattractive, subtle tweezing and grooming is always good."


  •  No Preference: "if they’re heaps bushy probably a good idea to clean em up, but otherwise they’re fine if they’re not touched up"


Extrapolation: If you have a monobrow it might be time to get the tweezers out. Other than that eyebrows don't seem like a high priority groom to women, a pluck here and there however can only do good.


Pubic Hair

Men who don't manscape, listen up, this one for you's. We asked how females preferred our pubic hair to be groomed...

 Key Comments: 

  • Clean Shaven: "It shows initiative in caring for not only themselves but for their partner's experience."


  • Trimmed: "natural is too much hair, Trimmed is a good middle ground as its clean but masculine. I find clean-shaven kinda looks weird."


  •  Natural: "There shouldn’t be a need for pubic hair to be removed. Also, way fewer rashes with the hair there during sex."


Extrapolation: While some girls don't seem to mind the more free approach of natural growth, it is a small minority and most ladies you find will expect you to maintain your grooming standards downstairs.    



Lastly, we wrapped up the survey with the 3 most important question of all. 


"What 3 types of grooming is most important to you in a partner?"

 "What's the 3 most important parts of a man's presentation?"

 "Is a man who grooms himself...(attractive, unattractive or no preference)"

 Key Comments: 

  • Attractive: "Because if a man is well groomed I would say it says a lot about their character. If they care about their appearance to be presentable to others, then it shows that they put effort and care into things in life"


  • Attractive: "Grooming allows for a sense of pride and therefore emulates confidence which in turn is an attractive quality. An absence of grooming would imply a lack of basic hygiene and care of presentation."


  • Attractive: "Shows he cares about/takes pride in his appearance, shows maturity/self-assurance that he is secure in himself enough to do what he likes for himself"


  • No Preference: "this is dependent upon the extent of the grooming, for hygienic purposes and those minimal efforts to look cleaner and sharper are viewed as attractive, however, guys that over-groom themselves by shaving their entire body, their eyebrows looking overly manicured etc is personally unattractive"


Extrapolation: With almost 90% of the votes leaning towards attractive in the last question, there's no denying a man who grooms himself is desirable. Don't take it from us, take it from the numerous amount of females who took part in this survey. 


The Wrap 

To conclude this blog, I think it's important to emphasise "different strokes for different folks", and whatever your most comfortable with, will always be the best way forward.