The Perfect Haircut For Your Head-Shape

Posted by Dean Nappa on December 11, 2019

Face-Shape. It matters. Your faces shape should influence the way you cut and style your hair, what facial hair to rock and even what glasses to buy. The general consensus is to pick a hairstyle that contrasts your face shape, that way your hairstyle will naturally compliment that beautiful face of yours. 

 What Face Shape Are You? 

You might be thinking, But what face shape am I? Don't worry we got you sorted on that. There are 5 face shapes; (you might find more online but they're just slight variations of these 5) Heart, Square, Round, Oval and Diamond. To determine which one you are is easy. 

Step 1: Get rid of any hair near or around your face and take a front on selfie

Step 2: Using the pen tool mark out these measurements by drawing a line

  • Face Length:¬†From the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead¬†
  • Fore Head:¬†From the furthest points left and right just above your eyebrow
  • Cheek Bones:¬†From one cheekbone to the other
  • Jawline:¬†From the bottom of your chin to where your jawline starts arching up

Here's an example:

Step 3: While looking at the marked-up photo of your handsome self, compare your measurements up against this criteria to distinguish your face type:

  • Oval:¬†Rounded jawline with face length greater than width of cheekbones and forehead greater then jawline.¬†
  • Heart:¬†Sharp chin with forehead measurement larger than cheekbone and jawline
  • Square:¬†Sharp jawline with measurements all fairly similar
  • Round:¬†Soft jawline angle, similar cheekbone and face length measurement which is larger than jawline and forehead measurement (also similar)
  • Diamond:¬†Pointed chin with face length the greatest measurement then cheekbone then forehead and lastly jawline.

Now onto the cuts... 


Wide at the forehead and narrow at the chin, Heart face shapes are all about using length to appear better proportioned. Striving to balance the top half and bottom half of your features is the aim. Go for a mid-length hair cut, and aim to thin out your hair (especially for you thick hair fellas). This will take away from the width of your forehead and won't accentuate the narrowness of the chin, like a tight hair cut would.

Make sure to use light products so you avoid creating hard angles. Facial hair is also key to utilize, it will only enhance your aesthetic by adding much-needed bulk to a narrow chin. 

Recommended Men Hair Cuts:  Quiff, Brush up, Pompadour 

Recommended men’s hair products: American Crew Cream Pomade, this easy-to-use styling cream works well for all hair types and provides body and fullness to the hair. Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray, a hairspray that provides massive shine and serious hold that lasts all day. 




The jackpot of male face shapes. Masculine, symmetrical and chiselled, this face shape is all about emphasising that sharp jaw of yours as well as those wide cheekbones. Think short hair with this face shape, you'll want to keep those sideburns short and aim to get a high fade.  

Recommended Men Hair Cuts: Skin fade, Buzz Cut, Crew Cut, Slick Back

Recommended men’s hair products: Depot Hold Strong Gel, Reuzel Red High Sheen, this versatile hair pomade allows you to control its strength and degree of shine to achieve your desired style.



Round faces lack shape and dimension, the aim with this face shape is to elongate your face and give it some definition by creating the angles that aren't naturally there. Steer clear with length on the sides and add it to the top. As with what to do with the sides, give it structure by making them short and squaring them in the higher part of the scalp. This will give the illusion of height to your hair and sharpen up soft edges.

Additionally, a light beard will give structure to the bottom half of your face and give the impression of a chiselled jawline. 

Recommended Men Hair Cuts: Pompadour, Side-Part, Under-cut 

Recommended men’s hair products: Hanz De Fuko Quicksand, this high-hold pomade hybrid is one part styling hair wax and one part dry shampoo and is ideal for short to medium length hair.



If you managed to score this as your face shape then you're in luck. Oval faces are the most proportionate and are versatile when it comes to hairstyles. From Jason Momoa's Aquaman to Justin Timberlakes shaved head, and everything in between, when you have an oval face the world is yours. 

Recommended Men Hair Cuts: Buzz Cut, Short-Back-Sides, Side Sweep etc.

Recommended men’s hair products: Evo Builders Paradise Working Spray, this workable, fast-drying, medium-hold hairspray is great for building styles and adding texture. Baxter Cream Pomade, a light hold, moisture-rich styling cream softens and smooths hair while providing frizz-free definition and low shine.



Narrow at the top and bottom of the face, the diamond face shape finds its width within the cheekbones. Known for its beautiful bone structure, men with this face type are encouraged to grow out their hair. Leverage any thick hair and create volume and texture. Fringes work well to add width to the forehead and styles that can be tucked behind your ears work well to highlight your bone structure. 

Steer clear of anything too short on the sides and utilize a beard to give texture to your jawline and widen your chin.

Recommended Men Hair Cuts: Messy Fringe, Side Sweep, Medium-Long length

Recommended men’s hair products: KMS Sea Salt Spray, creates a just-out-of-the-ocean texture that enhances waves and provides fullness. American Crew Fiber Grooming Foam, a lightweight hair foam that provides long-lasting manageable volume and works great with medium to longer length hair.


The Wrap

By now you should know what face shape you are and the importance it plays in your grooming decisions. Your barber can also shed some knowledge on what he thinks the best haircut for you is, but hopefully, we've been able to equip you with the knowledge you need to get that pitch-perfect style and cut.