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15 Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know

This blog promised you 15 grooming tips, so here they are...


#15 Shampoo less

This one surprises many, but Shampooing your hair every day is actually bad for your hair. Frequently washing your hair strips it of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. 


#14 Use SPF Products

The biggest cause of skin ageing is the sun. Using SPF products daily will shield you from UV rays and prevent premature ageing.


#13 Nail Care

Before you roll your eyes, just hear me out. Nail care is important, your hands (and feet in summer) are always on display. No one wants to see or shake hands with a claw. Clipping your nails regularly is hygienic and reflects your ability to take care of yourself. Also, don't bite them, use a nail clipper like the Tweezerman Gear Precision Grip Fingernail Clipper.


#12 Skin Care Routine 

If you take any tip away from this blog, I want it to be this one. Your skin is so important for so many reasons. A skincare routine should easily be one of the most essential parts of your grooming routine. Besides, you don't have to do any research, we lay the most basic one out for you here.

#11 Quality Over Expense 

If you've followed our content for a while now, then you'll know how much we bring this up. DON'T buy your hair products where you buy your food. It's that simple. Grocery store brands are cheaper for a reason, they're often full of synthetic ingredients and contain sulphates and parabens which dry out and destroy your hair.


#10 Cold Showers 

I know I know, you've heard it all before. I don't wanna be that guy who constantly glamorises the benefits of cold showers down your throat, but seriously the shits so good. Read some of the benefits for yourself in the post below.


#9 Powder Your Balls (and Ass)

Real Talk. Shit can get sweaty down there sometimes. Don't leave lovely having to smell your ball odour, it's the quickest route to not getting lucky. So keep it fresh down there and powder up the family jewels. We recommend MenScience Advanced Body Powder.


#8 Know what hair styling product suits you 

This one's a big one, so big we even dedicated a whole blog to it (Read here). It doesn't matter what type of hair you have, there's a styling product for you. Knowing what that product is, is the first step to unlocking your hair's greatest potential. 


#7 Eyebrows 

Again, before you roll your eyes...just listen. Eyebrows are a huge part of your facial symmetry (a big part of one's attraction). Unruly brows can draw away from your eyes (another big part of your attraction) and mess up that facial symmetry. Tweezerman Gear Slant Tweezer should do the trick.


#6 Don't wait too long between cuts 

We recommend 3-4 weeks for short hair, 1-2 months for medium length hair, and 4-6 months for long hair. Be proactive and not reactive when it comes to your haircut, book in with your barber in advance. Even if you're growing it out, you still need trims to avoid "awkward stages".


#5 Signature Scents 

Take one men fragrance and make it your own. Instead of owning 5-10 bottles of fragrance, pick 1 or 2 and invest in them. Wear them every day and your scent will become a part of your overall presence, distinguishing you from everyone else. A versatile fragrance like 'Creed Aventus' is perfect as it suits all types of moods and weather.


#4 Beard maintenance 

We haven't forgotten about you bearded fellows. If you grow out a beard, then you should accept the responsibility that comes with it, simple. Beards can be the best addition to one's appearance, but also the worst. There's a fine line between looking like you own your shit and looking like you don't have it together. Read our guide on how to properly maintain a beard here.


#3 Eye Care

Your eyes are a powerful tool and a focal point for many. Use an eye cream to tackle dark circles and unwanted puffiness. The Anthony Continuous Moisture Eye Cream is a favourite.


#2 Don't Forget Your tongue 

Your tongue needs to be cleaned just as much as your teeth, if not more. Bacteria builds up between your taste buds and often goes unnoticed, This is the main cause of bad breath.


#1 Ear and Nose Hair 

They're easy to neglect, but nose and ear hair are pesky and distracting. Don't leave them unattended, use a nose or ear hair trimmer (The silver bullet nose hair trimmer will get the job done) to take care of them.


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