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Discover the ultimate skincare innovation with Lab Series, a science-backed, high-performance skin brand specifically crafted for men. At Above The Collar, we are a proud stockist of Lab Series Australia, offering the full range of products that are designed with men's unique skincare needs in mind. From deep-cleansing Lab Series Face Washes to hydrating Lab Series Moisturisers, exfoliating Lab Series Face Scrubs, and targeted Lab Series Face Treatments, each product in the Lab Series range is engineered to deliver exceptional results.

The brand has 6 distinct series' that target a unique skincare care need. From ageing to oily skin and more, we break down each range from the brand so you can find out which product is right for you.

Lab Series Max LS

Elevate your skincare regimen with the Lab Series Anti-Age Max LS line, featuring advanced formulations to fight the signs of aging. The Lab Series Max LS Cream and Matte Renewal Lotion are perfect for achieving smoother, younger-looking skin, while The Lab Series Max LS Serum offers a concentrated boost to revitalize your complexion, embodying the pinnacle of Lab Series' skincare science.

Lab Series All-In-One

Simplify your skincare routine without compromising on effectiveness with Lab Series All-In-One solutions. The Lab Series All-In-One Face Treatment and the Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash provide a comprehensive approach to skincare, ensuring your skin is nourished, refreshed, and ready for anything the day brings.

Instant Fix

Achieve a flawless look instantly with Lab Series Instant Fix products. The Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser and the Lab Series Color Correcting Moisturizer offer subtle coverage and skin tone correction, while the Lab Series Instant Filter Moisturizer delivers a photo-ready finish.

Daily Rescue

Revitalize your skin with the Lab Series Daily Rescue range. From the Lab Series Energizing Face Lotion to the Gel Cleanser, Hydrating Emulsion, Repair Serum, and Water Lotion, each product is designed to invigorate and protect your skin. This is the perfect pre ageing range and even the Lab Series Lip Balm ensures even the smallest details aren't overlooked.

Oil Control

Keep shine at bay with Lab Series Oil Control products. The Lab Series Oil Control Clearing Solution and other products is specifically formulated to manage oiliness and prevent breakouts, ensuring your skin remains clear and matte throughout the day.


Enhance your grooming routine with the Lab Series Grooming Essentials. From the Lab Series Electric Shave Solution to the Lab Series Razor burn balm, each product ensures a smooth, comfortable shave and post-shave skin care.

With Lab Series for Men, you're not just taking care of your skin; you're investing in it. Whether you're seeking a comprehensive All-In-One Face Treatment, a specific Cleanser, or a rejuvenating Eye Cream, Above The Collar has everything you need for a sophisticated, effective skincare routine tailored to men. Embrace the excellence of the Men's Lab Series brand and discover the difference today.

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                Frequently asked questions(5)

                Is Lab Series a good brand?

                Yes, Lab Series is considered a reputable and high-quality brand, especially among men seeking effective skincare solutions. It is well-regarded for its research-backed formulations and innovative products that cater specifically to men's skincare needs, ranging from anti-aging to oil control and grooming.

                Is Lab Series worth the money?

                Lab Series products are generally seen as worth the investment due to their specialized formulations and the visible results they deliver. The brand focuses on creating targeted solutions that address a wide range of skin concerns for men, using advanced skincare technologies and high-quality ingredients.

                Where to buy Lab Series?

                You can buy Lab Series online at Above The Collar.