How Tooletries Can Elevate Your Grooming Game - A Blog By Tooletries

Posted by Dean Nappa on September 22, 2021

I’m sure we all have a memory similar to this - waking up late, in a rush to get to work, and having to pull apart your bathroom to find your razor: only to find you just buried your shaving cream, and you’ve lost your toothbrush. Panic, stress, you’re late and you shaved badly. And it’s not even 8 am. It’s a crappy start to the day. That, in a nutshell, is why Tooletries exists.

Grooming isn’t just about looking good - it’s about feeling good. Having a system that works for you each and every day not only ensures you look your best: establishing a routine means you have peace of mind. If you get it slick, it might even earn you more time in bed in the morning. To do this, you need a system that will work for you every day and allow you to take the best care of yourself in the shortest possible time.

We’ve been streamlining men’s morning routines across the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for long enough to know exactly what you need. You need to get organised, brother. Products like our shatterproof shower mirror are custom-designed to put you in charge of your morning routine. Built with you in mind, our men grooming products provide you with ample, easily accessible and easily cleanable places to store your junk. They’re super easy to fit and they can be moved whenever you need them to be moved, so you can tweak your system whenever you need. 

All of our men's toiletries and products are available individually or bundled for your convenience. The Harvey Tooth Brush and Razor Holder includes our toothbrush and razor holder and our market-leading fogless shower mirror. So you keep all you need right there in the shower and shave while you’re there too. Super convenient, and shaving on hot steam not only softens your beard but opens your pores and hydrates your skin. Win-win-win. Or if you’re a traditional fella and you like to use a shaving brush, of course, we’ve got you covered too with The Maverick. We even named it after you.

If you need any more storage, the 4 in 1 Bathroom Storage Tile Series provides space for your toothbrush, razor, a place to hang your towel and our magnet tile, which is perfect for nail clippers, scissors and tweezers. Our silicone grip technology means these can be stuck anywhere you need, so you can line them up, space them out, put one in the shower and three on the wall. And then you can move them whenever you like.

And even when you’re on the move, Tooletries can keep you together. Our Koby Bag is not only super spacious and light, but it’s also totally waterproof, zip lockable, and can be hung ready and waiting for you in the shower. It feels like leather, but it works like a drysuit. So you never have to worry about your razor’s getting rusty (in there at least). Check out our full product range today, and see how Tooletries can help you get your grooming game streamlined.