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Why You Need This men-ü Face Wash

Men have larger pores and more active sebaceous glands which can produce twice the amount of sebum as women. This generally means oilier skin. Good news when you are older, no wrinkles but younger, more spots and breakouts. Shaving can also present issues, especially if not carried out well.

Why not just use soap and water? Number one reason - because it is your visual frontline i.e. face.

men-ü ultra concentrate HEALTHY FACIAL WASH is another best selling product from the men-ü range. Great for normal to greasy skin and with a high concentration of modern, active ingredients, leads to better performance, as well as using a lot less!

Up to 265 washes from the 100ml bottle and with refills available, pumps and over caps are reused.

Daily face care is essential for healthy skin. men-ü HEALTHY FACIAL WASH is a deep cleansing, soap free and pH bal- anced daily use face wash with a high concentration of tea tree oil. Ideal to help protect from spots and shaving rash. Also includes witch hazel for its soothing and astringent properties.

Great for a greasy T-zone and pre and post shaving, when the skin is most vulnerable. Aloe Vera and pro vitamin B5 moisturise and help prevent the skin from becoming dry. Generates a low level of lather to deliver the ingredients where they are needed.