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Why American Crew Forming Cream Is So Good - About The Product


Forming Cream is a versatile wax based product and one of American Crews biggest sellers. There's a good reason this men's hair product is one of our most popular, and in this blog, we get into everything you need to know about this slick styler.


Who's It For?

Fortunately, forming cream can be used for most hair types, however, we'd recommend it for shorter-medium lengthed hair.




Ingredients are where forming cream thrives. Forming cream is water-based which is what you want in men's hair products, as it means it's easy to wash out and doesn't leave any product build-up. 

it also contains glycerin in it which swells your hair shaft and makes your hair appear thicker (perfect for you men with fine hair) 

Lastly sucrose conditions your hair not drying it out, something a lot of other men styling products do...



Prep your canvas by making sure your hair is dry or (towel dry). We recommend towelled dry as it gives a. bit more of a finish and the hair is less stubborn to style with.

Now, Lather a coin-sized amount in your hands and gently run them through your hair coating every strand you can. Be sure to utilize a hair brush, this can help in distributing the product through your hair evenly. and can be used to control the style you want




It promises a medium hold and a medium finish, and that's exactly what you get. A style that's sleek and wavy. What it says it what you get.


The Wrap

If you haven't tried out American Crew Forming Cream yet, then we definitely recommend it. While it may not be for everyone its definitely for the masses and will leave your hair slick, giving you the style you desire.