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Why Fiber Is Our Most Popular Product

American Crew Fiber. There's a reason this product is our biggest seller. Very much the poster boy for American Crew, fiber was made in the 90s and its regarded as a retro-esque styling product in the industry. It is by far our most popular men's hair product and one of the most renowned men's hair styling products out. This blog breaks down everything American Crew Fiber and why it is, just so good.


Who's it for?: 

The American Crew Fiber is best suited for shorter hair



We're going to ignore all the scientific nitty-gritty and go straight to what's important, and that's that the Fiber is a water-based product with wax components. What does this mean? It means that it's easy to wash out and doesn't leave much residue. 



Work it into your hands for a good 10-15 seconds, be rough with it, this will create the fibrous feel you're expecting. Upon applying it to your hair, there will be a bit of resistance, however once worked in, it tends to smooth out. 



This is the ultimate when it comes to styling. One thing I like about the fiber is how grippy and responsive it is. You can really build volume and add texture with this product, which is perfect as that's exactly its intentions. 



It promises high hold and a matte finish, and that's exactly what you get. A style that's full of texture and volume. Another good thing to note about this product is its pliability, allowing you to easily re-work and re-style your hair throughout the day.


More Fiber:

  • Fiber Grooming Cream:  For someone with medium to long hair, this product's a lightweight foam that creates a longlasting look with high volume, medium hold and natural shine.


  • Fiber Cream: For someone with short to medium length hair, this is a styling cream that combines flexibility with control. The cream gives you medium hold with a textured look and a natural shine


The Wrap:

If you haven't tried out American Crew fiber yet (but let's be honest you probably have) then we definitely recommend it. While it may not be for everyone its definitely for the masses and will leave your hair textured and volumous, giving you the style you desire.