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Moisturising - What? Why? and When?

Moisturising. A task most commonly associated with females, it seems that men have finally come to realize the important benefits such a product can have on their overall appearance and health. But what is it? and why should you use one?



What is a moisturiser?

A moisturiser is a product that comes in the shape of an oil, lotion or cream and is used to hydrate your skin as well as provide a protective barrier that keeps out bacteria.

Your body produces sebum naturally. However everyday rituals we partake in (such as hot showers) and exposure to things such as the earth's elements, stop us from producing the amounts that we need and thus dry out our skin. Moisturisers are used as an external back up to provide our skin with the moisture it needs producing all types of astonishing benefits. 


Why should I use one?

Prevent Dryness/Oiliness: Dry skin can be the cause for oily skin as it forces your body to overproduce sebum which leads only leads to oily skin. That's why the two opposites can come hand in hand. Kill two birds with one stone by moisturising your dry skin. The product will hydrate your skin, locking in moisture and thus getting rid of any dryness, all the while maintaining its usual healthy sebum levels preventing any oiliness 

Anti Ageing: When your skin becomes dry, your body starts to break down its collagen (chronic inflammation) and accelerates ageing.

Boosts Your Complexion: Moisturising provides your face with a protective layer. This is beneficial as it denies all sorts of irritants and bacteria entering your pores and aggravating your skin, thus evening out your complexion.

Decreases Your Acne: As stated before, dry skin can force your body to overproduce sebum which leads to breakouts and thus oily skin. making sure your skin is hydrated with a moisturiser prevents that.

Sun Protection: SPF moisturisers for men are the perfect way to protect you from harmful UAV rays every day, without having the goopy feeling of sunscreen on your face. UAV rays aren't just bad for ageing, but also your health.

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When should I use it?

You should moisturise twice a day (morning and night). In the morning to protect against any bacteria and weather you will face for the day ahead, and at night (before you sleep) as your skin becomes quite dehydrated during your sleep.

An important note is to apply it at the END of your skincare routine. Think of a face moisturiser as a seal, applying it at the end of your routine will seal in any extra products you apply only enhancing there benefits, however, if you use it before any of this, it will seal in the day/nights bacteria and only make your skin worse.


The Wrap

Moisturisers are a skins best friend and should be used religiously every day. I hope you were able to learn something from this blog.

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