Everything You Need To Know About Hairbrushes

Hair Brushes are often considered a very redundant tool in a man's grooming box, but it's actually not the case. Hair Brushes are the perfect accessory for giving your hair life and catering to your styling needs. Having the right hairbrush can make all the difference between a good hair day and a bad one. 


So brush off everything you think you know about hairbrushes and listen in, as this blog breaks down everything you need to know about hairbrushes.



When looking for a brush, try to find one with as many bristles as possible. Why? Because the more bristles a brush has, the lesser tension in its strokes. Also, the way the brush is aligned matters too. The more scattered the bristles on a brush are, the better as it’s less likely to crease your hair.



Shape matters with your brush, and depending on what your hair goals are, you have the option of a flat or round brush. 



Flat brushes are your answer for coarse, dry, detangled hair as they will deflate your hair instead of giving it more volume.



Round brushes are the opposite. Round brushes give your hair volume and body, perfect for men with finer hair.  




Nylon Bristles

Great for wet hair, Nylon bristles are the tougher bristles out. They minimize static, are great for a quick-dry, and are flexible which means they're perfect for detangling. 


Nylon Bristle Brush Recommendation: Denman D80M


Boar Bristles

These combs are for dry hair only. Boar bristles are perfect because they won't tear or fracture your hair, they get through coarse hair easily, distribute healthy hair oils evenly throughout your hair, and promote blood flow to your scalp which encourages hair growth. Plus another bonus, they're great for adding volume. Look at those benefits. 


Boar Bristle Brush Recommendation: Denman D82L


Types Of Brushes 


Vent Touch

The Vent Brush is your hair dryer’s partner in crime. Quite Self-explanatory, the vent brush is, well,...vented. The gaps in between the brush allow air to go through it (hence serving as a vent) allowing your hair to air dry quickly, when partnered with your dryer. 


Vent Brush Recommendation: Denman Hyflex Vent Brush


Ceramic Brush  

Now for a science lesson. Ceramic brushes are the perfect anti-frizz hairbrush as they emit negative ions. The negative charge counteracts the positive ions in hair which eliminates static electricity, thus eliminating flyaways and frizziness. Negative Ions also come into good use by locking in natural hair oils and sealing/repairing damaged hair cuticles. 


Ceramic Brush Recommendation: Verb Round Brush 


Round Brush

The ideal brush to create volume and maintain curls. Shorter barrels create short curls, while larger barrels create more of a wavy look. 


Round Brush Recommendation: Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller 


Detangling Brush

These brushes are your ultimate solution for getting rid of those knotty tangles that you struggle to push through with a normal brush. These brushes can come in any shape (usually a paddle) and often have their bristles coming out of a cushion attached to your brush. This cushion serves to bend with your scalp to minimize any tugging or pulling.


Detangling Brush Recommendation: Wet Brush Epic Professional Deluxe Detangler 


Beard Brushes 

You should NOT use the same brush as your hair, on your beard. Your facial hair is different from your head hair. Unlike a hair comb, a beard comb is designed to get through coarse beard hair. Your normal comb will mostly struggle with this and it could result in you ripping out some of your facial hair. To extend on this, your beard comb will likely be coated with traces of beard oil, this can ruin the properties of the styling product that you apply to your hair.


Beard Brush Recommendation: Milkman Boar Hair Beard Brush (Medium Stiffness)


The Wrap

When buying your next hair brush consider the above information, and you'll have one more tool in your armoury to win the battle of a bad hair day. We hope this blog was able to educate you on the importance of a hairbrush.