Reuzel Concrete Hold Matte Pomade - The Latest & Greatest From The Bra – Above The Collar

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Reuzel Concrete Hold Matte Pomade - The Latest & Greatest From The Brand

Reuzel’s Concrete Hold Matte Pomade is the latest and greatest addition to the iconic Reuzel pomade range. This product has gained great traction since launching and for good reason. 

We're here to unpack everything you need to know about Reuzels new gem. 


Who's It For?



Reuzel’s Concrete Hold Matte Pomade can be used for most hair types; however, it is best suited for finer hair as it is a strong hold product that provides thickness and doesn’t weigh the hair down.





Reuzel’s Concrete is an unorthodox water-based pomade, which means it is easily washed out like orthodox water-based pomades, but can also easily be restyled throughout the day, much like traditional oil-based pomades.

This is the perfect combination for a styling product as you can rework your hair easily and won’t have to worry about product build-up being left behind. That's what we call a win, win.







Prep your canvas by making sure your hair is dry or (towel dry). We recommend dry hair to give that cement-like hold and matte finish.



Now, you want to remove one to two knuckles of the product from the puck and emulsify it between your palms. Apply to towel dried or dry hair, starting in the crown and working towards the front.

Work through to your scalp up until your ends and liberally coat your hair. Use more Reuzel Concrete Hold Matte Pomade over any dry spots if necessary, and finish by combing or pushing hair into desired shape.









Just like the name of the product, it states a strong hold and a matte finish, and that's exactly what you get. This pomade performs like a wax, allowing a reworkable style throughout the day.






The Wrap



If you haven't had the chance to get your hands on a Reuzel product, then we definitely recommend it. If Reuzel’s Concrete Hold Matte Pomade doesn’t sound like it’s for you, then we recommend diving into the rest of Reuzel’s range and we can assure you there will be a product for your exact styling needs.