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Difference Between A $10 & $50 Moisturiser

Skincare can be quite a foreign place for the typical man, and while, it was often considered a feminine space, it seems men are finally coming around to the benefits that looking after your skin (and your presentation) can have on your overall self-esteem. 

But...are you using the right products?  

It can be common for a man to start his skincare journey, in the aisles of his routine grocery store. It's cheap, it's efficient and why else would you look further? Well...there's a lot of reasons why, so let us enlighten you. 

 While some people swear by the grocery store cheapies, and others say the pricey options are expensive for a reason, it can be hard to navigate a medium in which strikes price and quality. Introducing Hunterlab, Australian made skincare, that strikes that perfect balance, and here's why.

 Let's take their moisturiser for example (a skincare staple) and compare it to a grocery store one. 


Standard Grocery Store Moisturiser

We can't name, names for obvious reasons, but this is what a typical grocery store moisturiser can be comprised of:

Parabens: which can cause hormonal imbalances

Synthetic fragrances:  which can actually give you skin irritation as well as eczema

Aluminium: yes you read that right

Mineral Oil: this coats your skin like plastic and clogs your pores, which is terrible because it interferes with the way your skin clears out toxins.

Siloxanes: this is used in creams and lotions to give a softening and moisturising effect. However, it's terrible for your reproductive and endocrine (hormonal) systems.


Hunter Lab's Daily Face Fuel

Now compare that to Hunter Lab's face fuel, which is comprised of the following natural ingredients: 

Avocado Oil: Which is a great dry skin moisturising oil, high in Vitamin A & D, as well as lecithin and potassium. It soothes the skin, helps with skin conditions such as eczema and assists with the healing of climate damaged, parched, undernourished or aged skin.  

Macadamia Oil: This is readily absorbed in the skin and is perfect for soothing, hydrating and restoring. 

Passionfruit Oil: Rich in vitamin A, B and C, packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, as well Calcium and phosphorous. This ingredient is all about healing. perfect for repairing skin damaged from acne, ageing, or sun exposure. It brightens your skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all while regulating the skin's production of sebum. 

Passion Flower: Also Rich in vitamin A, B and C and is perfect for skin softening, moisturising and renewing. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent redness and irritation.

Wakame Extract: Helps protect your skin from UV rays and is a edible sea kelp that contains sodium, iron, potassium, b group vitamins and calcium. It deeply penetrates the skin, helping to soothe skin irritation and fight off free radicals. 

Big difference huh?

Let's not forget, this is all going on your skin. you wouldn't eat toxic ingredients, so why would you apply them to your body? 


The Wrap

If you couldn't tell, we're very passionate at Above The Collar about the use of quality ingredients, and that's why we feel so strongly about educating modern men about what they're putting on their bodies. 

So we hope this blog was able to teach you something about the importance of natural ingredients.