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Beard Itch - How To Treat It

Beard itch, it's real and it's annoying, But it doesn't have to be the byproduct of growing a beard. This blog breaks down why your beard itches so dam much, and how to solve it.


Why Do Beards Itch


Growing stage: One of the most common reasons for beard itch is the initial growth stage. You may ponder, why every time you make the leap to grow out your beard it's always in the first couple of weeks that the itching begins. The reason for this is, when you initially shave, you leave your hair follicles nice and sharp. When these follicles grow out, they can rub against your skin causing that frustrating itch.


Dry Skin: Dry Skin is the effect of many causes. A cold or windy climate, hot showers or even excessive shampoo use. When your skin has lost all its natural oils and is dried out, the beard itch begins. 


Ingrown Hairs: We all know about ingrown hairs, but why do they cause beard itch? An ingrown hair is a cut hair that's grown inside of its follicle instead of out of. The follicle becomes inflamed causing it to itch.





Hang In There: Don't stop, keep the growth coming. Once you get over the initial growth stage it should be smooth sailing (assuming you knock out dry skin)


Comb Your Beard: Comb your beard to maintain blood flow and detangle your follicles. A regular comb is also good to remove weak and fly away hairs. A very simple task that can go a long way.


Beard Comb Recommendation: Captain Fawcett's Folding Pocket Beard Comb, this versatile beard comb is everything you will need for grooming, maintaining & shaping your beard & moustache.


"Beard" Shampoo: We emphasise the beard part because using a traditional head hair shampoo is doing you more damage than good. Traditional shampoos are not designed for your facial hair. They're a lot harsher and will dry out your skin easier, in comparison to beard washes (or beard shampoos) which are specifically formulated for your mane.  


Beard Shampoo Recommendation: Proraso Beard Wash Wood and Spicea gentle but very effective beard shampoo designed to keep in great condition even the longest beard , fragrance of cedar wood and eastern spice.


Beard Conditioner: This one's key. Beard conditioner can go a long way when preventing beard itch. Beard Conditioners tame and moisturize your beard preventing coarse and unruly hair all while replenishing those natural oils making sure your skin stays hydrated.


Beard Conditioner Recommendation: American Crew 2-In-1 Skin Moisturizer & Beard Conditioner 100ml, this 2 in 1 beard care treatment  helps men's beards look soft and conditioned, while also moisturizing the skin beneath.


Rinse and Dry Properly: Rinse your beard properly to get rid of any excess product, this will stop anything unwanted from touching and drying on your skin. As well as that make sure you dry your beard properly too. Leaving water in your beard is a big contributor to dried skin, so make sure you pat your beard down with a clean towel.


Beard Oil: Your absolute best friend and weapon of choice when it comes to beard itch prevention. A good beard oil can be a saving grace. As your beard starts to lengthen, your body can't keep up in producing oil for both your face and your long scruff, so a beard oil acts a moisturising agent. Just rub a few drops onto your beard and skin and watch as the oil does its magic, Promoting a smoother, healthier and more hydrated beard.


Beard Oil Recommendation: The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oilthis fast-absorbing oil leaves your skin feeling moisturised, hydrated and free from irritation.



The Wrap

We hope by following these simple beard care steps, you're able to get rid of the dreaded beard itch, once and for all.