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How To Be A Better Man In 2021

The new years fast approaching, and it's a time where many of us start to ponder and reevaluate our life choices, goals and where we're heading.  

The new year doesn't just represent a new number on the calendar, it's about a fresh start, a clean sleight, and a canvas in which we can move on from the past years bullshit. 

In this blog, is a list of ways to be a better man this new year. 


Have A Resolution

For whatever reason, new years resolutions are dubbed to be somewhat "corny" nowadays, but this shouldn't discourage you. There's nothing "corny" about trying to actively make a positive change in your life. 

Make some goals and go after them, after all, what's the worst thing that can happen? you'll


No More Comparisons

The biggest character killer is comparison. As soon as you realize your only in a race with yourself, even when you lose, you win. So stop wasting time comparing yourself to others and start putting that energy into bettering yourself, and being a better person than who you were yesterday.


Be More Grateful

Until your truly satisfied with what you have you will never be fulfilled in life. Avoid hedonic adaptation by actively practising gratitude. 

Do this through gratitude lists, affirmation's, and meditation etc.


Watch What You Consume

I'm sure you've heard of the saying "surround yourself with positive people"...we'll the same goes for content. similar to food, you are what you consume, so create a better content diet with less toxic entertainment and more beneficial material. 


Distinguish What Matters

Write a list of things that matter the most to you, and add value to your life. Now double down and invest all of your time and energy into those things. 2021 is a no-bullshit year, so only make time for things that really add value to your life and forget about everything else.


Forget What Happened Last Year

Answer this question. Can you change what happened 1 minute ago? 1 month ago? 1 year ago?

...Exactly, the past is the past. learn from it and move on. there's no point in wasting your energy thinking about an uncontrollable scenario. 


The Wrap

As we turn away from the horrible year that 2020 was, we look forward to a more positive 2021. Happy New Year from all of us at Above The Collar!